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Visit us Stand I-3 - XXII Feria internacional de productos del mar congelados
5th, 6th and 7th October 2021 - XXII International Frozen Seafood Exhibition


We offer our customers the best products at very competitive prices, taking extreme care of the quality and the presentation

  • Argentine shortfin squid

    Argentine shortfin squid

    (illex argentinus)

  • Atlantic chub mackerel

    Atlantic chub mackerel

    (scomber colias)

  • Atlantic horse mackerel

    Atlantic horse mackerel

    (trachurus trachurus)

  • Atlantic mackerel

    Atlantic mackerel

    (scomber scombrus)

  • Blue Whiting

    Blue Whiting

    (micromesistius poutassou)

  • Bogue


    (Boops Boops)

  • European Conger

    European Conger

    (conger conger)

  • European pilchard

    European pilchard

    (Sardina Pilchardus)

  • Garfish


    (belone belone)

  • Mujil


    (Liza Ramada)

  • Salema Porgy

    Salema Porgy

    (Sarpa Salpa)